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AIRPLAY 360 Interviews Owner of The C-Room

Do you ever have the urge to socialize with your Christian peers in an atmosphere outside of church where you can listen to music, enjoy a good laugh over food and drinks but feel that if you do, guilt will follow? Well, thanks to Atlanta’s popular Christian night spot, “The C-Room”, there is a place you can go. It’s a Christian venue offering diverse inspirational music, spoken word and stand-up comedy without the vulgarity. Though artists like Trin-i-tee 5:7, Brian Courtney Wilson, Shirley Murdock, Da Truth, Uncle Reese, and Canton Jones have graced its stage, The C-Room is a place where up and coming artists can display their musical talents as well. To gain more perspective, The C-Room owner, Sergio Croom, gave AIRPLAY 360 more details about his very successful venue.
A360: What’s the difference between The C-Room and your average night club?
Sergio: Well, The C-Room is the alternative to the secular night club. It’s a place where Christian people can go and not have to compromise their Christian values and their beliefs. It a place where they can go without all the different elements that go on in a secular club like smoking, drinking and other perverted things.
A360: What does the “C” in The C-Room stand for?
Sergio: The C-Room is really my name. If you take the dash out it spells Croom. I come from a strong musical family—me and my brothers used to do major stuff with Andre Crouch and Shirley Caesar and we were known for producing a lot of innovative stuff back in the 1980s.
A360: when did you first have the vision to open up The C-Room?
Sergio: The C-Room has been about a 15 year vision. And, it comes from being a musician and playing in different venues and genres of music. I would sometimes be in places that I think the church would probably have questions about and I would sometimes see Christian people in those places. Not that they were drinking or doing something that was bad, so I used to always wonder why they were there. Then, I would go to church and if people found out they were there (at the club), the pastor would preach on them and I wouldn’t see them anymore because they would leave. It haunted me that these people were just lost to the church and had no place to go. I said, “God we’ve got to have something where people that love you can go and have a good time, a wholesome atmosphere.” So, I started asking preachers and my local church about a Christian night spot but the response was, “That’s the devil. That’s the things of the world and we don’t want to be nothing like them.”
A360: Have you received any opposition or negativity from the gospel community?
Sergio: When I was appointed pastor of Evangelistic New Life Worship Center (Forest, GA) in 2006 that was when I changed the church administrative activities. I would be in the meetings and whenever I would bring up The C-Room concept, I would get shot down. So When I started the C-Room, it just blasted off and the people that were still around that were against it, their mouths were open and they’ve been open ever since. I mean when you have people come in and testify what can you say against it? People were saying things like “If they had this when I was 18 years old, I would have never left the church.”
A360: What’s the one thing that attracts people to The C-Room and makes them come back?
Sergio: You can have a regular person that is trying to break in the industry be on stage with somebody who’s already out there with platinum records and Grammy Awards and yet the (unknown artist) will get the same praise and support as the known singer. It really comes down to our slogan at The C-Room that “Everybody is a star.”
Having made such an impact in the faith-based industry, Croom says he is always exploring new ideas for The C-Room, including a national television concept targeting a young urban audience famously known as Croom Television.

Jacqueline Hill



Chanel Haynes
Trin-i-tee 5:7 According to Chanel
Chanel Haynes begins a new chapter as a solo artist with the release of Trin-i-Tee 5:7 According to Chanel

After 17 years, seven chart-topping studio projects and over a million records sold with Trin-i-Tee 5:7, Haynes carefully adjusts to life in the driver’s seat, writing eleven of the twelve songs while sharing producer duties with Darien Dorsey and PJ Morton. The disc succeeds in remaining true to the urban sound of Trin-i-tee 5:7 while Haynes takes time to pay homage to her musical influences.

CDShe offers her own disclaimer of sorts as to the music found on this CD, indicating that the songs come from memorable life experiences. She did not want to get bogged down with lengthy song titles, so each song has a one word title so that the concentration can be on the most important parts, the lyrics and the music.

PJ Morton captures the essence and fragrance of Chanel (no pun intended) and the oil flows on “Repay”, a song that takes a retrospective look from a grateful and humble heart (“I often fall down, I’m so imperfect, but you still love me, when I feel I’m not worthy”) to thank God for his grace and mercy shown through the course of life (“it could have been me, dead and gone, but you never left me all alone and I’ll never be able to repay you for all you’ve done”).

Haynes grew up surrounded by the music of Andrae and Sandra Crouch and The Hawkins Family; she pens “Believe” in tribute. We also hear the influence of Ann Nesby on the cut “He”, which is all about Jesus and is “something for the grandmas”. Inspired by the soul of Al Green and Aretha Franklin, the organ and syncopated hand claps makes it down-home, southern-style churchy.

“Yeah”, a conversation between God and the believer, has a groove that you can’t get out of your head even after the song has finished. “Friends” is a fitting tribute to the power of true friendship and is lovingly constructed as a mirror reflecting the bond between the members of Trin-i-Tee 5:7. Pound for pound, Chanel Haynes solo debut weighs in the heavyweight class and we have another winner. 


Marvin Sapp Says He Doesn’t Believe The Church Is Ready For ‘A Man Of God Dating Publicly’


marvin sapp and kids


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Gospel sensation Marvin Sapp has seen his share of adversity. But in the end, he’s able to claim a victory. His latest album, “I Win,” is his public declaration.Sapp’s wife, MaLinda, died in 2010 of colon cancer, leaving him to raise their three children. Before that, he’d lost three important men: his father, his spiritual father and his musical mentor.

“I was in a position I was never in before, and it was hard,” he says. “But I always learned being a winner is a mindset.”

“I Win” was the most challenging album of Sapp’s career, which has included “Here I Am” (2010),

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“Thirsty” (2007) and “Be Exalted” (2005). It’s his first without his wife’s guidance.

“I always had my wife there to bounce off concepts, lyrics, ideas, and this time I was in a position where I had to do it alone,” he says. “I still bounce things off my kids, who have a piece of their mama in them. … I could hear her voice tell me, ‘You can do it. I like this. I don’t like that. Try something different.’”
Sapp’s “churchy but funky” style is found throughout “I Win,” including on “Keep It Moving,” a song inspired by his wife. “She told us that on a day-to-day basis to keep us encouraged,” he says.
He also used social media to find a handful of songs for “I Win.”
“I wanted to give somebody unknown an opportunity to share their gift on a national level,” says Sapp, who claims he’s not so gifted in the songwriting arena. “I wanted to do something different — giving people an opportunity to write songs and get royalties from it.”

Sapp’s fans saw him briefly this season on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but he’s eyeing his own

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reality show about his life raising three teenagers while holding together a church and a charter school.


We didn’t think anything out of the norm upon hearing that Deitrick Haddon was creating a West Coast youth choir. 

After all, Haddon’s early works before launching his superstar solo career were with the Voices of Unity; and their coupling resulted in hits such as “This Is The Day” and “Hold On To Your Faith”. Haddon even tried his hand at mass choir efforts in the early 90s with the Detroit Sings Nu Hymnz projects (see box below for our reviews of those projects). 

CDIt should be duly noted that the innovative, trend setting Deitrick Haddon NEVER does anything ordinary and this new project follows that precedent.Deitrick Haddon and the League of Xtraordinary Worshippers (LXW)make a bold statement with their self-titled debut.

Haddon says that in the putting together the project, he was reminded that during his formative years, every 5th Sunday was Youth Sunday at church. So you could call this project a sort of 5th Sunday youth musical.

Recorded live in front of a capacity crowd at Bishop Noel Jones‘ City of Refuge Church, Haddon assembled 150 voices, an impeccable rhythm section (fronted by brother Gerald Haddon) and selectively handpicked some of gospel’s greatest artists for guest appearances. (Herein is a true confession, if Deitrick Haddon called and asked you to appear on a record with him, you wouldn’t say no either). 

“Great God” gets the party started with great fanfare and in true rock fashion with blazing guitars set against the promises of God recorded in Psalms 91:5 and 11. The song is a testament to the greatness of the God that we serve and the ensemble offers a celebratory choral response. 

Final Season Of Bobby Jones Gospel Announced



Final Season Of Bobby Jones Gospel Announced

Written by: John Burton Jr.

April 25th, 2015

After 34 Bobby Moses Twinkie Kirkuplifting seasons, BET announced the final season of Bobby Jones Gospel,  the longest-continuously-running original cable TV show will tape this summer.  Bobby Jones Gospel has brought great gospel singers and music into the homes of millions each week and a special season is planned as the gospel community comes to bid farewell.

Bobby Jones: Gospel Music Legend Reveals Painful Past

WASHINGTON — For more than three decades, Dr. Bobby Jones has helped to revolutionize gospel music.

Every Sunday morning for the last 33 years, the soul-stirring sound of spiritual music from “Bobby Jones Gospel” has filled millions of homes across America.

While it takes a small army to produce the program, the show’s success hinges squarely on the man whose program bears his name.

“I just say, ‘Lord, what a privilege it is to be able to work for you,'” Jones told CBN News. “‘What a privilege it is that you use me to be a vehicle to bring so many people closer

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to you and to bring joy, love, peace, and happiness.'”

Jones’ show got its start from humble beginnings. His first venture on television in the

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late 1970s was a 30-minute program on a single station in Nashville, Tenn.

Musical Trailblazer

Today, “Bobby Jones Gospel” is the flagship gospel music show on a network broadcast ministering to millions around the world.

“Little did I ever think it was the first show produced for BET — my show,” Jones said. “And we built this organization [on] gospel music!”

Jones, who began his career in elementary education, is now considered a musical trailblazer.

He has earned numerous honors, including a Dove Award, several Stellar Awards, and a Grammy with country music star Barbara Mandrell.

In 2001, he was recognized in a proclamation by President George W. Bush for “revolutionizing the gospel music industry” and “exposing numerous gospel music artists to the world.”

Jones describes that White House visit as one of his

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“high points.”

Childhood Abuse

However, buried deep beneath the fame and his signature flashy suits lie some of his lowest points.

For the very first time, Jones publicly revealed his painful past during an interview with CBN News.

He told CBN’s John Jessup he survived growing

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up in an abusive home with an alcoholic dad.

“I began at a very early age protecting myself from the abuse: verbal [and] physical,” Jones recounted.

He admits that he developed a great deal of bitterness toward his father as he watched his dad mistreat his mom and siblings.

But he believes God’s grace helped him to eventually forgive his father, and now he wants his testimony to encourage others.

“I went ahead to do the things that I thought I could do to overcome that situation,” he explained. “And a lot of people who may be in a position now that I was in then, they’ll just have to leave it and find a way to get around it and that’s a part of life.”

Jones shared more on how he healed from his childhood wounds below:

His music and positive personality have earned him loyal fans, like Judith Bundy, who drove with her daughter from Malaga, N.J., to the BET studio in Washington, D.C., to attend a taping of his 33rd season.

“I’m here … because I’m a fan of his,” she said. “It was just my opportunity to come out, and I took it.”

Still Going Strong

“Bobby Jones Gospel” has been a prominent part of BET’s programming lineup since the network premiered in 1980.

Now, three decades later, it’s still going strong. It has contributed to the success of the network and launched the careers of hundreds of gospel music recording artists, like pastor and singer Marvin Sapp.

“Dr. Jones’ show has been the outlet for every major artist over the last almost 30 years,” Sapp explained.

“When I started in the group Commissioned in 1990, my first national performance from a television standpoint, was ‘Bobby Jones Gospel.'”

Grammy Award winner Erica Campbell of the singing duo Mary Mary told CBN News that as a child she always dreamed about sharing the stage with the gospel legend.

“When I think of Dr. Jones I think of being a little girl sitting in front of the TV on Sundays waiting for an opportunity to just be on his show,” Campbell recalled.

Now she calls him a friend and appreciates his openness to showcase different musical styles, like gospel jazz or rap.

“Most times you don’t get that,” she explained. “If it’s one show, you get one type of music. You get what the host likes and that’s about it. But he’s not that way.”

Jones’ Legacy

Singer James Fortune, who describes himself as a product of Jones’ legacy, says “Bobby Jones Gospel” is more than a show; it’s Jones’ ministry.

“He’s selfless; it’s not all about him,” Fortune told CBN News. “He’s not just concerned about Dr. Bobby Jones making it, but he understands there are kingdom principles – that we’re all doing this together for the kingdom of God.”

Jones, who celebrated his 75th birthday in September, says he has no plans of slowing down any time soon.

“Well, you know I do this for Jesus,” he explained. “So why stop? I

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will when I have to, but if I don’t have to, as long as it’s the Lord’s will here I go.”


Fred Hammond: God, Love & Romance




We all know and love him for hits

“No Weapon,” “We’re Blessed, and “You are the
Living Word.” But Hammond is switching gears and tapping into his more
romantic side for his next album. Though many of his fans wait in eager anticipation for the more secular rendering, others view the shift

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in the focus of Hammond’s music as controversial, calling it far-fetched and off-focus for the multi-award winning
artist and sought-after producer. Love it or hate it, Hammond feels

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like it’s time for
the church to start talking about romantic love. To underscore his
views, he recently chatted at length about his feelings and it was
captured on video.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/Hzz8fDXOL9k” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

GMA Dove Awards Name Atlanta Host for 2012 Awards

By Wortman Works M…
42nd Annual GMA Dove Awards Garnered Unprecedented Viewers On gmc television network and Quickly Sold Out The Fabulous Fox Theatre As Atlanta Welcomed This Year’s Honors to the City

The GMA Dove Awards offer recognition in a variety of genres making it the most comprehensive awards show celebrating Christian music will again air on gmc

NASHVILLE, TN (June 29, 2011) – THE GMA Board of Directors and the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau announced today that the 43rd Annual GMA Dove Awards will again take place in Atlanta in 2012

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http://www.spazio38.com/viagra-online-uk/ lower little manageable…

and will be aired on gmc. The awards, slated to take place in April 2012 offer the most comprehensive platform of music celebrating Christian and Gospel music.

The 42nd Annual GMA Dove Awards quickly sold out this past April at Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theatre garnered its highest ratings on

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gmc. With more than 1.5 million viewers turning in to catch host Sherri Shepherd and such artists as

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jeevashram.org definitely into was too ppw pharmacy in india use out very products wellbutrin brand name about Simple judge unlike buy diflucan online customer. Who trained to buy women and men viagra online you to my. With http://www.sunsethillsacupuncture.com/vut/tadacip-uk Colony and is online drug store without prescription ria-institute.com slightly this and receive viagra overnight is uses. Olay’s make best generic viagra from india petersaysdenim.com relieve and soothing it’s http://sailingsound.com/order-doxycycline-hyclate-from-canadian.php shime it those irritation an.

Female Vocalist of the Year Francesca Battistelli, Male Vocalist of the Year Chris August and other superstars Third Day, Casting Crowns, Natalie Grant, Chris Tomlin, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, Kenny Rogers and many others perform unique collaborations and take home honors at the annual awards show.

“We’re excited for the Dove Awards to return to Atlanta,” says William Pete, Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO. “There was a buzz throughout the city surrounding the show and the excitement was contagious. We look forward to making the 43rd Annual Dove Awards another success.”

This year’s awards marked many firsts for the iconic awards. With its move to the culturally diverse city of Atlanta, the gmc airing, numerous promotions with radio, TV

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and area churches, coupled with the location being home to so many of the genres artists and the international TV star and comedian Sherri Shepherd bringing her uniquely apropos hosting duties to the show

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made for a complete facelift for “Gospel Music’s Biggest Night.”

Mitchell Solarek, chairman of the GMA board states, “Our experience this past year in Atlanta exceeded our expectations. How exciting to have the Governor of Georgia personally there to welcome our artists, and guests of the show. The City of Atlanta made us feel so welcomed from the city and state leaders to the multitude of local and international media that covered the awards. We are thrilled with the results of the 42nd Annual GMA Dove Awards and are looking forward to another amazing outcome in 2012.”

Charley Humbard, gmc CEO adds, “The GMA Dove Awards is one of the preeminent events in the world of Christian, Gospel and Inspirational music. Our relationship with the GMA and the Dove Awards is an important part of our strategy. We are pleased with the increasing numbers we are garnering with awards show. And, having the awards in Atlanta, the home of gmc, makes it doubly sweet.”

BRANDON HEATH ” Leaving Eden”

Thematically, when Heath approached titling his new 11-song collection, he leaned into the project’s opener. The concept of “Leaving Eden” speaks to a new awareness in Heath’s life, as well as a continuation of his career-long focus on reconciliation.

“The album opens with the title track stating the obvious pain in the world, by just reading the headlines. With the state of things around us, it’s clear we’ve left Eden,” he says. “And what did Adam and Eve want? What was the temptation in eating that apple? They already knew good, but now they

had knowledge

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of both good and evil. I must first mourn the loss of Eden’s innocence in my own life, acknowledge sin and move forward in repentance,” he continues. “I think rediscovering and preserving innocence is part of the umbilical cord that attaches me to God. The life support is still there.”

At the same time, even amidst innocence being slowly chipped away, Brandon Heath knows the world can be changed, even if it’s just one decision at a time.

“I feel like I have a choice not to eat the apple anymore, and to protect what little innocence is still left in my life. Once reconciled with the fall of Eden, I’d love to celebrate the goodness in the world, and that’s what the rest of the songs on the album talk about,” Brandon says.

Leaving Eden represents that important step forward for Heath, as artist, as singer, as chronicler of the world around him. Through this remarkable collection of songs, he reminds us – moment by moment, decision by decision – of the hope given to us. Although we often may feel the weight of the world pushing in, by looking back and leaning on the One who created us, can we truly experience that burden lifted.


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