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AIRPLAY 360 Interviews Owner of The C-Room


AIRPLAY 360 Interviews Owner of The C-Room

Do you ever have the urge to socialize with your Christian peers in an atmosphere outside of church where you can listen to music, enjoy a good laugh over food and drinks but feel that if you do, guilt will follow? Well, thanks to Atlanta’s popular Christian night spot, “The C-Room”, there is a place you can go. It’s a Christian venue offering diverse inspirational music, spoken word and stand-up comedy without the vulgarity. Though artists like Trin-i-tee 5:7, Brian Courtney Wilson, Shirley Murdock, Da Truth, Uncle Reese, and Canton Jones have graced its stage, The C-Room is a place where up and coming artists can display their musical talents as well. To gain more perspective, The C-Room owner, Sergio Croom, gave AIRPLAY 360 more details about his very successful venue.
A360: What’s the difference between The C-Room and your average night club?
Sergio: Well, The C-Room is the alternative to the secular night club. It’s a place where Christian people can go and not have to compromise their Christian values and their beliefs. It a place where they can go without all the different elements that go on in a secular club like smoking, drinking and other perverted things.
A360: What does the “C” in The C-Room stand for?
Sergio: The C-Room is really my name. If you take the dash out it spells Croom. I come from a strong musical family—me and my brothers used to do major stuff with Andre Crouch and Shirley Caesar and we were known for producing a lot of innovative stuff back in the 1980s.
A360: when did you first have the vision to open up The C-Room?
Sergio: The C-Room has been about a 15 year vision. And, it comes from being a musician and playing in different venues and genres of music. I would sometimes be in places that I think the church would probably have questions about and I would sometimes see Christian people in those places. Not that they were drinking or doing something that was bad, so I used to always wonder why they were there. Then, I would go to church and if people found out they were there (at the club), the pastor would preach on them and I wouldn’t see them anymore because they would leave. It haunted me that these people were just lost to the church and had no place to go. I said, “God we’ve got to have something where people that love you can go and have a good time, a wholesome atmosphere.” So, I started asking preachers and my local church about a Christian night spot but the response was, “That’s the devil. That’s the things of the world and we don’t want to be nothing like them.”
A360: Have you received any opposition or negativity from the gospel community?
Sergio: When I was appointed pastor of Evangelistic New Life Worship Center (Forest, GA) in 2006 that was when I changed the church administrative activities. I would be in the meetings and whenever I would bring up The C-Room concept, I would get shot down. So When I started the C-Room, it just blasted off and the people that were still around that were against it, their mouths were open and they’ve been open ever since. I mean when you have people come in and testify what can you say against it? People were saying things like “If they had this when I was 18 years old, I would have never left the church.”
A360: What’s the one thing that attracts people to The C-Room and makes them come back?
Sergio: You can have a regular person that is trying to break in the industry be on stage with somebody who’s already out there with platinum records and Grammy Awards and yet the (unknown artist) will get the same praise and support as the known singer. It really comes down to our slogan at The C-Room that “Everybody is a star.”
Having made such an impact in the faith-based industry, Croom says he is always exploring new ideas for The C-Room, including a national television concept targeting a young urban audience famously known as Croom Television.

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